Dress Code

All students must wear the official school uniform purchased from Parker School Uniforms. Any student not in proper uniform will be sent to the school office to call a parent for a change before returning to class.

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Uniforms may also be purchased online at CLICK HERE

2016-2017 Dress Code

Non-Mass Days

Girls / Boys

Shirts: Maroon Polo Shirt with Monogram

Pants: Khaki pants or shorts (Elastic Waist for Pre K-K)

Skirts: Khaki

Belts: Solid Black

Socks: White, Maroon or Black (2 inches above the shoes NO No-Shows or ankle socks)

Tennis Shoes: Solid Black, White or  Soft two tone color of Black and White

Uniform Shoes: Solid black or brown or regular dress Shoes. (Sperry Topsiders are allowed with approved colors.)

Jackets/Sweaters: Maroon V Sweater with Monogram or Maroon Sweater Hoodie with monogram.


Mass Uniform

Girls PK3 – 8th grade

Plaid Skirt

Modesty shorts MUST be worn under the jumper or skirt

White Oxford Shirt

Maroon Tie

Maroon Sweater Vest with Monogram

Burgundy Knee Socks or Burgundy Tights

Black Dress Shoes (Mary Jane, Flats) No high heels or Tennis Shoes

Boys PK3 –8th grade

Khaki Pants

Black Belt

White Oxford Shirt

Maroon Tie

Maroon Sweater Vest with Monogram

Black Socks

Black Dress Shoes. No Tennis Shoes



As part of our Catholic Identity, the wearing of our uniforms reminds us that we are all one and part of the same community.  Therefore, we take pride in the proper display of the uniform and require full compliance at all times from all our students as part of our mission of what it means to be a Mt. Carmel Crusader.

NAILS: Nail color, artificial nails/tips, gel nails, etc, are not permitted.

HAIR:  Artificial hair coloring or bleaching of hair is not allowed for boys or girls. (This includes frosting, hi-lights and tinting)  “Fad” hairstyles or distracting hairstyles are not permitted.  Boys, regardless of grade level or age, are not allowed facial hair of any kind and must be clean shaven.   Hair length may not cover the eyes and for boys may not extend past a standard collar and must be neatly groomed. The principal is the sole determinant of what constitutes a fad, distracting or messily groomed hair. Headbands, bandanas, caps, hats, or any other type of variation are not allowed; to include hair ornaments or decorations which could be construed as distracting; unless otherwise approved by the principal.

DRESS:  Mass days require mass uniform. Non-mass days require standard uniform.  Shirts are to remain tucked in at all times. Tight or excessively loose clothing is not permitted. Skirts and shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the kneecap.  Hoodie jackets are to be worn strictly as designed and not to be displayed in being tied around waist or any other type of variation.

SHOES:  See guide lines above.  Additionally, no high heels, platforms, cleats, sandals or boots.  Tennis/athletic shoes must be worn for P.E.

JEWELRY:  Studs and small hoop earrings for girls.  No more than one piercing per ear for girls. No cartilage earrings.  No earrings or piercings on boys.  No tattoos, no body or facial piercing.   Watches and religious medals may be worn, so long as they do not cause a distraction, but must be worn inside the uniform shirt/top.

MAKEUP:  No visible make-up is allowed.  Girls in 6-8th may wear a light foundation or powder if needed to cover blemishes, but color must match skin tone, not be noticeable, and must be applied only at home.

P.E. UNIFORMS:  If your child has P.E. on Mass days and is not wearing suitable shoes for P.E., please send tennis shoes in their gym bag

FREE DRESS or SCHOOL ACTIVITIES:  Clothing must be modest and appropriate for the Catholic school setting.  Tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, midriff shirts, short shorts, low cut blouses or short  skirts and/or any garments exposing too much, unreasonably or extremely tight (such as biker short or yoga tights) are not permitted.  No advertisements which promote offensive, inappropriate language, message(s),  graphics or symbols, or anything that could refer to the occult, Satanism, witchcraft, or any other type or variation,  are not allowed, other than OLMC school logos or logos appropriate to a theme day (e.g. college t-shirt day or Texans day).  Hats / caps are not allowed indoors or outdoors unless specifically allowed by the principal for a special occasion – and would fall under the “No Advertisement” guidelines.  Jeans, when permitted by special occasion or when approved for a field trip, should not be tight or form-fitting, or ripped with holes or any other type of variation, and should be standard non-designer blue jeans of solid blue denim and in neat and good condition.  Jeans with large logos, designs, embroidery, and jeans of designer brands are not permitted.


**All students must wear new uniform for the school year 2016-2017

Dress code 2016-2017


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